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Lost in Venice

How wonderful to be able to jump on a train, get out a few hours later and find oneself in a different world. No cars, buses or motorbikes; just boats!


Boats delivering supplies to grocery stores, police boats, ambulance boats skimming down canals, sirens squealing causing tourist-crammed gondolas to pitch and turn. Other tourists look down from an overhead bridge and grin,laugh. The water calms; it’s the gondola tourists’ turn to laugh at themselves.


How wonderful it is to wander, cross a bridge, only to find it is a dead end. You turn around, try to retrace your steps and it is impossible.



Suddenly the air is filled with a wonderful mixture of smells; pasta? pizza? seafood? You put your map away and follow your nose. Ahhhh! You find yourself on a warm sun-filled terrace and receive an equally warm welcome. Easing gratefully into the proffered seat, you order, sit back, relax, and watch the world go by.


A few minutes later, you are served a slightly chilled glass of vino rosso.Shortly after follows a plateful of the most wonderful seafood pasta you have ever eaten.



Then alas, it is time to go. You wander down to the vaporetto (boats that serve as buses) stop and take a trip across the water, to enjoy a waterfront view of this city of secrets.


Then your vaporetto winds its way back toward town, through the Grand Canal.


Ohmygosh! You see the name of the vaportetto stop next to your hotel! You elbow your way through the crowd to clamber off before it roars on to the next stop. Soon you are back at your cozy little hotel, with its own little terrace.