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My tenth picture story book for 3-8’s has been recently published by Aracari Verlag.

It’s all about the importance of friendship.

Leo was always busy helping his friends. But one day he finally finished building his plane . . . Up up and Away! Leo was so happy, and so busy, flying his plane and keeping it in good working order, that he didn’t notice the time racing by . . . One day; Leo got caught in a storm with his plane. He made it safely to the ground, his friends applauding him. But he wasn’t sure that flying would make him happy anymore. What should he do?

Published by Aracari Verlag, Zurich, Switzerland.

Until now, I have written exclusively for children. A member of the SCBWI, I have been published in several children’s magazines, among them Highlights, High Five, Babybug, Ladybug and Spider.  Over a dozen of my ‘Harriet, Felix and Max’ stories have been appeared in High Five.

The first, “Merry Christmas, Matty Mouse!” was published by North-South Books in 2003 in several languages, as was “Was nun, lieber Osterhase?” (A Surprise for Easter Bunny), in 2005.


Was Nun Lieber Osterhase?

“Bravo Louis!” was published in 2008 by Edelkids.

Bravo, Louis!

“Schneehäschen’s Stern” (Snowbunny’s Star) was published in September, 2010, by Aracari Verlag, as was “Sternenstaub”(As Funny As Funny could be) in spring, 2011.



“Stille Nacht” (Silent Night),  also for Aracari, was published in fall, 2011.


Then, in 2012, came “Wenn der Bär ins Wasser springt” (The Big Splash) and “Schneehäschens Weihnachtsüberraschung” (Snowbunny’s Christmas Surprise).

Unknown-1 Schneeh Coverreinz 239-1

A perfect springtime story; bursting and blooming with faith, life and love!






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