Nancy Ellen’s latest novel ….

RUBY LOVE whisks the reader off to Switzerland, where Alice leads a hectic, often amusing life. Her story is a colourfully woven tapestry of magic, romance, faith and love.

On her thirteenth birthday, Alice receives a gem, which she secretly names ‘Ruby’. Legend says that Ruby will bring happiness to her owner…and indeed… Alice couldn’t imagine being happier or more satisfied with her life.

On Alice’s thirty-second birthday, her friends invite her to the ‘Chevalier Noir’, a strip club . . . and hit happens to be Ladies’ Night! That night, something happens that changes the course of her life forever. She finds the love of her life and discovers the true meaning of happiness.

When Ruby is taken from her, Alice’s and her new husband’s life take a serious turn for the worse. She is in for the fight of her life. Against all odds, Alice reaches deep into her soul to summon the courage and strength necessary for her to attempt to save her marriage and recover her precious friend Ruby.

With the help of her many friends–from quirky to motherly–and close family, her story is brought to life in sensual detail. RUBY LOVE is a character-driven tale with a strong paranormal thread that women everywhere will enjoy.

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