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About Nancy

Hi! I'm Canadian-born, but have lived in Switzerland for a looong time. The idea at first was to work here for a couple of years, so I could travel more easily around Europe. The problem was, I grew to like it here so much, that I decided to stay! Guess that's why I go a little overboard when I post about recent trips and so on. I don't know which I love more . . . reading or writing. I'm quite addicted to both, for sure. Have a sunshine-filled day!

Herbs; powerful little things!

Hi there, me again. It’s a rainy old day in Switzerland as we wait for spring. And wait, and wait . . . and while I wait, I begin a brand new story. About Alice, this time. It’s coming together, and I guess I have all this rainy weather to thank for that. Or I’d be outside, getting my hands and knees all dirty in my garden!

Yesterday, during the first hour of sunshine for as long as I can remember, I prepared window boxes with a few herbs; parsley, chives and thyme. Oh yes, and a pot of rosemary for future bbq’s!

Here are a few links for those of you who just love planting and watching your garden grow, for those who like fresh spring flavors in soups salads and whatever, or who are interested in what these little goodies can do for you and your health! (I happen to belong to all three of those categories.)





If you’ve got some herbal wisdom to share, I’d love to hear from you!

Bye for now!
Nancy Ellen