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I’ve now published my first novel for adults: Anything for Anna!: a story of Self-Empowerment: Woven throughout the story is the theme of loneliness.  Different kinds of loneliness, felt by different characters, for various reasons. Each has his own way of dealing with it.

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The genre(s) of ANYTHING for Anna! is/are mainstream, literary, women’s fiction, with romance subplots and elements of magic realism.  It takes place in beautiful Switzerland, that I have come to know very well over the past 20 years.


As Karyn’s story begins, she, a mother of two young children, Lisa and Daniel, has been widowed for almost one year. She lives in a town by Lake Neuchâtel. The majestic Alps are but a two hour drive away. Closer to where Karyn lives is an older, round-topped, softer-looking mountain range; the Jura.  It’s verdant mixture of forests and pastures, hold countless ancient hiking paths to various picturesque destinations.  From the top, if you gaze south on a clear day, you’ll have a postcard view of Lake Neuchâtel below, towns scattered below across the surrounding plains, and a panoramic view of the Alps beyond.


The past year has been a lonely struggle for Karyn. Not only does she work hard at home; her part-time job has become full-time. That way she’s able to keep up mortgage payments on their house.  Losing their father was sufficient trauma for her children; she didn’t want to uproot them from their home and neighborhood too!

Karyn’s work colleagues are like a big family. Elodie, more friend than colleague, is single, carefree, wild, outgoing, and often acts about as maturely as a fifteen-year-old.  Despite outrageous Elodie’s oftentimes crass sense of humor and exasperating ways, she is kind-hearted, and has always been a great supporter of Karyn.  She is one of the rare people who is able to make Karyn laugh and forget her troubles.

Karyn was twelve when she began experiencing a strange type of ‘malaise’ occasionally. She secretly refers to it as ‘The Feeling’. She’s never told anyone about it . . . not even her husband, Marc. Often it occurs immediately prior to a major change—positive or negative—in Karyn’s life.

One chilly December morning, Karyn experiences The Feeling.


Lisa and Daniel are still sound asleep when she sets off with Ulysses for her Sunday morning bicycle ride to the neighborhood bakery. On her way home she meets Anna, a young woman she has known casually over the years. Anna is ill, with cancer. Karyn feels compelled to do whatever she can to help her, even if that means only being there for her, as a friend.

Nick, Anna’s boyfriend, (and also, a former boyfriend of Karyn’s) is devastated that his loved one is so very ill.

When George steps into Karyn’s life, he makes her heart pound, her senses leap, in ways she didn’t think would be possible, ever again. Maybe she’s ready to take the first steps to beginning a new life of her own . . .

A special place, called Pinnacle Rock, on a peak in her nearby beloved Jura, plays a key part in Karyn’s story. Since Marc died, she has often visited the place, each time returning energized and comforted by its legendary powers that she believes are real. She is certain that Pinnacle Rock helped her to heal; to come to terms with and rise above despair and grief, thus enabling her to cope with the energy-draining responsibility of raising two children alone.


As the story progresses, so does Anna’s illness. The horrifying possibility that Karyn may lose her friend, who she has grown to love, haunts her; as does the certainty that a way exists for her to help Anna recover.  If there is indeed a way for Karyn to help her, will she find it in time?  Or is it only wishful thinking on her part?  Is she destined to accept that once again, she will lose someone dear?


My stories for children, have, and shall be, written by Nancy E. Walker-Guye. For you, dear adults, I am simply Nancy Ellen.

Sunshine-filled wishes, all!

Nancy Ellen


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  1. Barb Taub

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and giving me the chance to find out about you. I have no idea why you wonder about how I do it — you have published many books and completed what sounds like a fascinating novel. I’m looking forward to reading more from you!


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