HI! I was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I had a great childhood, growing up along the shores of Lake Huron; have a peek at this!

beach 2008




Port Huron, Michigan was just a bridge away.


Later on, I trained for a job that would allow me to work in different countries: I chose Switzerland. That way I could travel around Europe a lot more easily than if I had to cross the Atlantic every time.

I’ve worked in both the French and German-speaking parts of this beautiful country, and am fluent in French, German and Swiss German dialect.

When my daughter was three, she was rather disappointed when I couldn’t re-tell her a story that I had made up a couple of weeks or so ago. Then she suggested that I write my stories down… I’ve always loved writing and took her suggestion most seriously! I first began writing for children’s magazines in the US, in 1998. I kept learning, and now have had eight picture story books published, signed Nancy E. Walker-Guye.


A couple of years ago , someone dear to my heart, someone who wished that my dreams could be fulfilled, asked me, ‘Hey Nancy, if you could write what you really wanted to write, what would that be?’ I gave that question a lot of thought. I loved (and still love) writing for children, but my own children were older, and I had more time for myself. To actually do what I would like to do. So I decided to write a novel, and the result is ANYTHING for Anna! I’m very excited about my story, and hope that you’ll enjoy it!

Until soon, I hope,

Nancy Ellen (for readers of ANYTHING for Anna!)


4 thoughts on “Hiya!

  1. Famille Gosteli

    Félicitations, ton site est magnifique, et quelles belles photos! On a eu beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir le tout et on y reviendra ! On est très heureux pour toi et on se réjouit de te lire bientôt !

  2. Pat Heffron

    Hi Nancy,
    They say that we should ‘learn something new everyday’. Today I learned that I have a relative who writes children’s books. How absolutely fantastic. I will be researching your books to see more.
    Until today when your Dad mentioned this, I was unaware.

    Switzerland has always been so majestic to me. I’ve never been there but have always loved the beauty of the mountains.

    Having read the description of “Choices” it makes me wonder if there is some of your own story there. I’m sure it was lonely at times being so far away from your family. Today things like Skype make the connections a lot easier. Mind you . . . phone calls were probably made by your Dad very often.

    Good luck Nancy.

    Pat Heffron (Patsy Elliott)

    1. Nancy Post author

      Hi Pat,

      Great to hear from you!

      Oh yes, I’ve been writing for years. Of course, I draw upon my knowledge of this country, having lived here for so long, but the story is Karyn’s, not mine 🙂 . . . .

      Oh yes, there’ve been lots of phone calls, and hops across the Atlantic!

      Take care, thanks for your good wishes,



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