‘Just’ a Stone?

To some people, stones are stones, unless they are diamonds or other known precious gem in an expensive gold setting . . .

To others, well, here are a few examples:

A crystal Quartz Cluster is said to be a basic stone of all magic and can be used to amplify other stone energies. It enhances psychic ability, especially when used in meditation.


Copper is a metal that channels energy. Put copper with any other stone and it increases that stone’s energy. For a very powerful tool, wrap copper wire around a crystal wand. the most powerful tool is a copper pipe filled with stones and on each end fit a crystal point.


Citrine Cluster in a room will clean out the negativity. Once month, put the citrine cluster in the sun for a day. Now it is recharged and free of negativity. They range in color from pale yellow to reddish-brown.


Red calcite helps invigorate the life force in the body. It brings the physical into proper focus. Red calcite can give you focus on sexual awareness and help you overcome doubts or fears about sexuality. It is a good balance stone for pregnant women to carry. Drop a red calcite in a tub of warm water. After relaxing a few minutes, you should emerge feeling rejuvenated.


Kunzite is a love stone. It opens the heart to love for all in the Universe, including the Divine. It can also bring the song of the heart into your mind. Give kunzite as a gift to all you love, so they will feel your love and lead a more fulfilled life.


Red garnet lets you release anger. It is also a balance stone, as it will bring each individual what she/he needs. Passion or serenity. Garnet is also a protector of the home, as a symbol of the ‘home fire’.


Hematite harmonizes mind, body and spirit. It prevents negative energies from entering one’s aura. It makes the bond between friends stronger.


Onyx is a protection stone. Black onyx is the most common onyx. It is a good stone to have if you think anyone is plotting against you. It protects you from attacking negativity.


Rhodochrosite can attract a love filled with compassion to you. A love for your greater good. Take a bath with rhodochrosite and you may dream of the one who loves you.


There are so very many stones to choose from; you know how kids like to collect things in their pockets? Often stones? Could it be that little people know things we don’t know . . . instinctively feel things we don’t tend to feel as much . . . or anymore? Hmmm?

Wishing you a wonderful positive energy-filled day!

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