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My novel: ANYTHING for Anna!

Hey folks! My new novel is available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/ANYTHING-Anna-Karyns-Story-Self-Empowerment/dp/1494767244/ref=pd_ybh_1 Unknown

Swiss Magic! . . . Karyn’s story whisks the reader away to beautiful Switzerland. Hectic, oftentimes funny everyday life; romance, different kinds of love, fantasy . . . and an essential touch of magic, are all brought colorfully to life in sensual detail. An inspirational story of courage, faith and love . . . Ontario-Born Karyn Simpson lost her husband nearly a year ago. Simply making it through each day, one lonely step at a time, has been an enormous challenge. While dealing with her own grief, she has had to shoulder all the responsibilities that go with raising two young children on her own. Fortunately, she has solid support from caring work colleagues and neighbors. She has another source of support, too—her own special secret. It is a legendary place that she often visits. It is said to bestow its restoring energies upon certain people, who are capable of receiving and absorbing them. Karyn is one of those fortunate people. Her first year of widowhood is coming to an end, when one chilly December morning, she meets Anna at the neighborhood kiosk. They have known each other casually over the years. Karyn discovers that Anna is gravely ill and vows to do everything she can to help lighten Anna’s load. The two young women soon become close friends. It breaks Karyn’s heart to see her friend suffer through the treatments necessary to combat her illness; especially since there are no guarantees that the treatments will even be effective! If only Karyn could do more for Anna than simply be her friend! When she discovers she has a gift of healing powers, she struggles desperately to understand those powers better, to use them to save her dear friend’s life. Karyn must embrace her power and the loneliness that accompanies it.